"But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth." Acts 1:8

At Berean Baptist Church we believe we have an important responsibility from the Lord to reach out to the world with the news that Jesus Christ died so that we could have the gift of salvation.  We do this by not only reaching out to Naples and the surrounding area, but by supporting those that go around the world to share this important message.

We currently support nine missionaries.
    Australia: The Ernst Family
  • Rob & Jackie Ernst
    Baptist Mid-Missions, Australia

    Pray for the salvation of Mel & her family; pray for Joe’s salvation.  Pray that the government doesn’t stop the chaplaincy program in the public school.  Pray for their study of sign language.  Pray for Jackie as she heads up the committee for the ladies retreat in May.  Pray for ladies’ & men’s Bible studies.  Pray as they will be coming home on furlough in August—for housing, vehicle, meetings, additional support, plane tickets.

    Brazil: The Theis Family
  • Steve & Marissol Theis
    Score International, Brazil

    Pray for financial support (still need 35%).  Pray for wisdom & guidance for buying land for a camp. Pray that they would reach the goal of sharing the gospel with 15,000 campers in 2013.  Pray that they would find a location to settle in with a good church, good schools, & affordable housing.  Pray for Marissol’s citizenship process.
    Ethiopia: Marta & Deme
  • Marta & Deme
    Project Mercy, Ethiopia

    Pray for wisdom and direction for our orphanage, school, and medical team as we reach out to those in need. Pray for protection to those who profess their faith.  Pray for the continued construction on the Poultry Project buildings, the Children’s Institute, & additional classrooms on the primary school grounds.  Pray for completion of the Water Project & for improvements in the Dairy Cattle Breeding Project.

    Hungary: The Phillips Family
  • Kevin & Joy Phillips
    ABWE, Hungary

    Pray for their adjustment as they settle back into the ministry there.  Pray for additional monthly support because they are running short each month.  Pray that the Hungarian tax law will not affect them significantly.

    Italy: The Spoto Family
  • Jim & Lori Spoto
    ABWE, Italy

    Pray that an Italian believer would take over the management of the Christian bookstore.  Pray for God’s man to work with us to eventually head up the church.  Pray for the baptismal service on April 21st.  Pray for the new branch of the Rome Bible Institute that is going on monthly at their church. 

    Moldova: The Sanders Family
  • Richard & Jennifer Sanders
    World Team, Moldova

    Pray for their adjustment as they settle back into the ministry there.  Pray for Emil & Liuba to accept Christ as their Savior. 

    South Africa: The Poplin Family
  • Rod & Tina Poplin
    ABWE, South Africa

    Pray for their ministry in South Africa while they are on furlough here in the US. Pray for Brittany & Drew as they are in college.  Pray for safety as they are travelling to supporting churches.  Pray that they will be able to raise an additional $700 in monthly support. 

    USA - Camden, NJ: The Robinson Family
  • Paul & Janet Robinson
    Baptist Church Planters, Camden, NJ

    Pray for continued strength and encouragement.  Pray for Nate, Charles, Lamont, Donielle, Ariel, & Alexis—they are facing many spiritual struggles.  Pray for Juan & Melissa; Minerva & Abigail; John & his girlfriend; Clarence & Barbara; Charmaine & Maureen.  Pray for the plans & progress of the new building.  Pray for Debbie & Everett for salvation.  Pray for Bryant, Ana, & their children--he is now in a half-way house.  Pray for the Friday night youth outreach.  Pray for Carolina—she is back to using drugs again.

    Eastern Europe: The Stertz Family
  • Don & Laura Stertz
    Couriers for Christ, Eastern Europe

    Pray for preparations for the campaign to Moldova in 2013.  Praise the city of Balti has given permission to hold a campaign but pray that the city of Tiraspol will give permission to hold a campaign there.  Pray for Laura as she is having knee replacement surgery on May 6th.


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